Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nuptials with a conscience

It's June. Love is in the air, and weddings are in the calendar. According to the Kiplinger Letters, some 2.3 million couples will say "I do" this year. A number of those brides and grooms are choosing to have their big day reflect their values by minimizing the environmental footprint of their wedding.

I remember when bird seed began to replace rice as a more environmentally friendly confetti to throw on the happy couple. Today's weddings go a lot further than that. Following are some favorite tips I've found (aside from the usual advice to make sure there's recycling and composting at the reception) on having nuptials that affirm a commitment not only to marriage but also to socially responsible ideals.

• Use eco-friendly paper for the invitations, and have guests RSVP electronically.

• Choose vintage wedding wear.

• Get vintage or heirloom rings, or new ones made with responsibly sourced gold or other metals; look for diamonds that are Kimberly Process certified.

• Hold your wedding in a locale that's close to as many guests as possible. 

• Pay for carbon offsets as wedding favors.

• Use local or organic flowers and food, and arrange to donate leftover edibles to a food bank.

• Instead of putting disposable cameras on the dinner tables, set up a free Flickr group or Snapfish group room and encourage digital camera-wielding friends and family to upload their shots.

• Afraid of getting a dozen chip-and-dip servers as gifts? Consider using organizations like the I Do Foundation or, which let guests donate to a favorite charity in honor of the couple. 

• Investigate sustainable-travel options for the honeymoon.

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