Sunday, March 9, 2008

Embedding CSR practices into all of our lives

Taking CSR out of the board room and putting it into the hands of managers and consumers is the quickest path to eliminating economic incentives that drive businesses to make decisions that are harmful to society.

CSR practices have been frustrated by the lack of integration into broader corporate and commercial strategies. The more we are able to create consumer-led demand that reflects the social values of individuals and managers, the stronger the connections between consumers and corporate behavior. By tightening these connections we ensure that socially harmful decisions will be exposed and socially beneficial decisions will be rewarded. Core to this idea is our ability to concisely deliver an accurate view of corporate social behavior not only to the commerce experience but embedding it at the point of sale.

From's up to the market to decide!

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and see as just one example a company whose business model expresses similar intents
Retail activist: The Body Shop

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